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For the last few months I have been developing a blog space that shows off my extensive library of imagery. The best thing about it, is that you can cross-reference items with tags (or keywords),...

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Renovated Mural in Google Earth

Renovated Mural in Google Earth

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Cans Festival Re-cycled

Tristan Manco / Blank Expression

August 2008

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Cans Festival Re-cycled
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Size: 4m x 6m

Media: aerosol

Location: Leake Street tunnel, near Waterloo, London

Collaboration: Ikonoklast

Ikonoklast were invited to paint on the site famed for its stencil party in May of 2008.

Recently the country's first graffiti super-crew have been painting together again, System, Juice126, Part2ism, Rough and myself. It marked a return to 12 year hiatus, soon to be followed by this monster of a collaboration in the centre of London.

I had a heavy dose of preperation for this one, as there wasn't a clear indication of where crews were allowed to paint. First come - first serve. I had to travel via the studio in order to get most of my paint - deciding that the first day was going to be difficult, working high etc... It was the second time I had been down there. The first time was the previous sunday to witness Solo One working away (I also saw Jesus).

Blank Expression did an amazing job of looking after the writers. I have to say its the best I have ever been treated. We had toilets on site, top class food, hot and cold drinks, fruit and a very willing and able army behind the machine that ensured the artists were looked after.

Getting carried away was the name of the game, we never even noticed Kevin Spacey watching us for 10 minutes while he was walking his dog.

As far as the subject matter goes, I would hope that it was obvious. I do think that its close to completely turning off the 3D effect for a while. I had intended to complete the stereoscopy with the red version overlaid. I had been 'living' in this hospital room for a week, after creating a CGI version to roam around in. The patient in the incident room is called 'Graffiti'.

Straight after painting this I went to my home town to paint another piece, click HERE to see it
sketch for painting at cans festival recycled in leake street tunnel, london 2008 by chu
The best way I have discovered of photographing the poorly lit walls at this site (especially and uniquely on our wall) is to position yourself outisde the perpendicular, cubic space projected by the extremetiy of the work, tilt to encompass the entire work and fire a supporting flash to 'fill' the mortar lines. This became useful on at least one of the photographs above and enhances the more delicate blues.