Dec 152016
Cover Your Tracks 2016 - stereoscopic screenprint by Chu

photography by @officialomar88

Recently I enrolled on a  screen printing class at Jacknife prints in Bristol, and these experimental prints are the result. I attended with the sole purpose of getting my hands dirty and to teach myself a technique of stereoscopic, or 3D printing. You may be familiar with it from comics but I have an unhealthy appetite for creating artworks in red and blue. This particular design was already engineered with over 60 layers of depth so it was the prime candidate. I knew the desired optical results from previously using 6 colour digital lithography, I was aware of the requirement for a very pale cyan which has additional colouring properties.
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Aug 112016

Note Attacks - an interactive wooden installation by Chu in the Shangri La field at Glastonbury Festival 2016
This year’s Glastonbury saw the final episode of the public tyranny and protest theme in the South East corner, with their own TV station (SHI.TV), newspaper and the obligatory installations and artwork covering the whole area. In response to the brief, one of my contributions to Shangri-La started with an ambition to invent, and build by hand, a publicly accessible, medieval vandalism machine.
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Jul 252016
There are over 50 naughty words hidden in the grid. Prizes for completion

There are over 50 naughty words hidden in the grid. Prizes for completion

This year Glastonbury’s Shangri-La crew were selling a newspaper which donated all proceeds of the sale towards easing the refugee crisis. I’ve seen them go for £5 on ebay. Inside this newspaper you will find Turdsearch, a word search which I devilishly secreted over 50 bad words in a 20 x 20 grid. Some of these naughty words are tortuously upside-down or backwards, or both.

Some of them are normal reading and really easy to spot.


There were no contenders for the prize during the festival itself, which achingly ended only two weeks ago. If you want to be in with a chance to win some original artwork then you are best advised to print off the Turdsearch and use a pen to find the words, unless you’re a whiz and can draw over the digital version in a visible colour in DPaint IV or something.

When you think you have found them all, send the completed grid with all the words lined out via

  • Email to with subject line that reads TURDSEARCH ENTRY, or
  • Send a Tweetwith a photograph of the comp[leted grid in full and the hashtag #turdsearch to @chu3d

My fellow scrutineers and I will analyse the submitted grids for clarification and with due diligence, the winner will be announced as soon as we have one.

Be warned – there is more than one red herring…

Win some original artwork by completing Turdsearch - a word puzzle created by Chu for Shangri-La at Glastonbury Festival 2016

Download this image and use a pen, that’s probably the best bet you have to complete Turdsearch and win

Jul 212016

Man Cave by Cheo and Chu - ASK crew, Bedminster, Bristol

Popped out for a quick squirt in Bristol on one of the first sunny days this year, with one of me old muckers and one of the finest artists to grace this earth, Cheo.

The day we painted was also Chris Brown’s birthday, Adele’s and Craig David’s too. Not absolutely sure that this didn’t inspire the character in the piece…

Fired the background with a tin of BurnerChrome gold because it was the biggest amount of anything I had in my dreg bag. I carved into that with transparent black to sculpt the surrounding frame made of cables. The cave is entombed within the equipment itself, like a bubble or capsule of audio and playthings on a desk crammed with devices and machines. And the obligatory toothbrush.


Chu + Cheo = ChuCheo

I hunt or trap in Spanish.


Apr 222016

"The Fuck You Sound" full colour print by Chu
"Robert Anton Wilson" full colour print by Chu
"John Sinclair" full colour print by Chu

I am pleased to announce the release of three new digital prints to coincide with the opening of the ASK group show at Hang Fire in Bristol. Each print measures 210mm x 297mm (a4) and lovingly depicts three of the more recent, spherical drawings that I have produced, printed on 250gcm² brilliant flat, white cartridge. The views are created from within a fully 360° panoramic, digital maquette – consisting of only my hand drawn artwork.

The prints are VERY limited to an edition of only 5 for each design, signed, numbered and available from Hang Fire. Follow the links below to see the prints at the Hang Fire online store:

Detailed images and a bonus 360° panorama after the jump.

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Mar 312016

'Centre of the Universe' in Birmingham, painted by Chu, Title and Gent at The Custard Factory in Digbeth September 2015

26 years have passed since my first visit here in 1990 with my boss, Jo from Walsall Youth Arts. This was when the whole area here was looked after by a few artists who worked in the vast, broken empire of Alfie Bird’s Custard powder factory. This was before Benny Gray bought it for one British Pound, as long as he promised to renovate it (or at least that’s how I remember it). Nowadays, his son Lucan looks after it along with the famed Dave Peebles.

Last time I was here was for City of Colours last year.


Global Street Art gathered myself, Gent & Title – all of us from the hallowed motherland of the Midlands. We’ve known each other for yonks. As soon as we heard that we were working together we furiously got together several inspirational imagery and references of local celebrities that (should)  inspire the young creative people of today. The ideas came thick and fast and during the research we discovered that a quote from Benjamin Zephaniah would give us the title of the work.

“Birmingham has changed a lot, but for me it’s still the centre of the universe,”
– Benjamin Zephaniah

Plus – I really wanted to bust some freehand lettering.

Layout for the whole painting

'Centre of the Universe' sketch for the lettering

Braving the weather

At one point I thought we were all going to turn up in our DPM as the weather was disturbingly and deceptively freezing up there on the fifth floor. Plenty of paint courtesy of our mate Boffers (our first designated safety operative and lift pilot) from Global Street Art. We got on with dividing it up and loading the lift with our wares to get the top done first. The lettering can wait…

Paint, paint, paint, paint

Centre of the... hold on... this is the...

It had to take 4 days, so me and Gent primed and built the top faded radial effect, and most of the cityscape, so by the second day it was ready for Title’s arrival. Then one and two halves of the portraits of Benjamin Zepheniah, Mike Sinner, Felicity Jones and start the top of Lady Leshurr. The process went swimmingly well, allowing the time in the central piece to get worked by Title and Gent and I ensured the surrounding artworks join well to below (to come) and above (previously done and ready for… lettering).

We wanted to paint a tribute to the rock corner of the Midlands with Ozzay, Plantay or Nodday but the brief required inspirational creative characters that 16-24 year olds would recognise.

Title during stencil cap cleaning at the 'Centre of the Universe' in Birmingham, painted at The Custard Factory in Digbeth September 2015

'Centre of the Universe' at The Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham, September 2015

This particular wall was a lovely, smooth, new build, in the Custard Factory Phase 2 complex, housing 5 floors of small studios, a tobacconist, sweet shop, graffiti supplies a small lake with a fountain. Right beside the wall is the railway taking travellers in and out of Moor Street station, only quarter of a mile down the road. We all shared an amazing moment as we went 20m up above to the same level as the railway in the lift to get the lettering done (did I mention the lettering?). This epiphany was only embittered by the fact that we were down by two tins of beige – and as if by some stroke of godliness, the guys down at were emptying their van after a visit to the N.E.C.. We bought their whole stock of the beige required to finish the SE of UNIVERSE.

Enough to say that they earned a trip up to the neon-lit fifth floor, with the smell of 94 merging into the smell of diesel and electrical arcing. We all earned icicles too.

Oh, and the huge lettering was painted freehand. Very satisfying to wake at the Old Crown, walk around from Floodgate Street to be welcomed by our aerial, poster-like declaration. Before I boarded the return train I could just see it between the buildings, looking to Digbeth from Moor Street station…

View of central Birmingham and the south bound train line from Moor Street, from the top of the SkyJack

iPhones are your friend

Final piece

The surface was lovely and glossy, painted once when developed, and once more when it was leased to Dulux. Facing the wall is the walkway from the college round the corner, accessible by crossing the River Rea from Floodgate Street.

'Centre of the Universe' in Birmingham, painted by Chu, Title and Gent at The Custard Factory in Digbeth September 2015

'Centre of the Universe' in Birmingham, painted by Chu, Title and Gent at The Custard Factory in Digbeth September 2015


Feb 122016

Full Moon Backpackers Hostel, Bristol painted by Chu

The Full Moon, in the centre of Bristol invited me to decorate one of their rooms in the 70-bed backpackers hostel at the bottom of Stokes Croft. I arranged for the floor to be laid again with new wood, linen was bought in and patterned, and a very large extractor fan was installed , as the hostel itself was open. Thankfully the room had no guests staying in it for a few days.

Plus – its only £7.50 per night in this mixed gender dormitory.


The owner of the Full Moon (JJ) said I could ‘go for it’, no surface untouched. This was to be the first, full room equivalent of my cubic experiment (see it here). I knew that I couldn’t count on a square repeat in a spherical environment due to the polar caps. This I learned through my experience of texture mapping on 3D computer models for games, and after experimenting at the Lunar festival last year. I devised a repeat that would be largely based on what I could physically measure with an aerosol can in my hand – I wasn’t using any other apparatus, no measuring tape, no projectors, no masking. And no squares…

This ended up with six segments (like an orange), with each segment having six vertical, stacked sections and each section had no sub-sections nearer the polar cap but 5 sub-sections around the horizon or eye-level. This resulted in 116 triangles of roughly similar sizes. Any more segments, or sections – the whole process of mapping the lines across different depths would be far too time consuming and far more prone to error.

The sketches below might explain this process a little bit better, and the viewpoint photographs and 360 panorama will allow you to see where the furniture is inside the room a bit easier.
Sketches for Full Moon hostel room

The surfaces were only painted if they were visible from the sweet spot (66″ above the ground). If they could not be seen then  they would remain unpainted. You can see this in the viewpoint photographs below.

Little did I know that the one-word brief that the Full Moon forgot to mention, was Kaleidoscope…


A very special, big thank you to Omar, Steve and Damo for the effort put in to make this room a reality and of course, the staff at the Full Moon for looking after us.

Full Moon Backpackers Hostel, Bristol painted by Chu

Full Moon Backpackers Hostel, Bristol painted by Chu

Full Moon Backpackers Hostel, Bristol painted by Chu

360° panorama

There’s only one point in the whole space which allows you to see the complete illusion, midway beneath the two light bulb fixtures. I have made a 360 degree panorama so you can put yourself there without visiting yourself.

You can drag the view around by clicking and dragging the left mouse button, the gyroscope allows you to tilt the view around you on a mobile such as iPhone.

View the 360° Panorama FULL SCREEN

Mobile – zoom in & out by pinching, choose whether you want the gyroscope switched on or off by clicking the icon (only necessary for portables)

Computer – zoom with CTRL/SHIFT or mouse-wheel


Sep 012015

Sects and Tense lenticular painting by Chu - Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival 2015
Sects and Tense lenticular painting by Chu - Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival 2015

The second part in my ‘Word Games’ series for Shangri-La at Glastonbury this year employed the wonderful simulated factory-shutters – or lenticular, to give it its loosely technical term. The journey to find the texts was long and pot-marked (just like the south east corner) because I simply couldn’t top Gerry’s lyrics from my previous lenticular work. This word pair needed to reflect the actual brief (protest, politics, people power) as well as the location.

This piece is based on the written word versus the spoken word. The words I chose mean something completely different when (mis)heard. Sects becomes sex, and Tense becomes tents. Sects/Tense (politics) & sex/tents (Glastonbury). Tense is visible when looking from the Heaven stage towards Hell stage – Sects is visible when looking from the Hell stage towards Heaven…



Sects and Tense lenticular painting by Chu - Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival 2015

Sects and Tense lenticular (detail) painting by Chu - Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival 2015

Sects and Tense lenticular (detail) painting by Chu - Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival 2015

Shangri La 2015-8-small

Jun 182015

Detail of "a CandiD mover" by Chu, for Shangri-La Glastonbury 2015 - (1 of 7)

This is a close-up section of my new work entitled “a CandiD mover” which is showing in the Shangri-La field at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. The theme this year (in case you needed telling) is “political upheaval”.

One of the main pieces is a portrait of a current political figure, created from over 1000 stills from UK public protest coverage. Some of the footage is from The Poll Tax riots of 1990, Reclaim the Streets 1998 and at the more recent insurrection and takeover of Conservative Party HQ.

Mar 192015

Pridstock artwork, final in colour

This was developed for the Pridstock3 festival website. This was for the third in a series of Pridstocks, the annual birthday party in Kent celebrating the life of my long-time friend Jon Priddey. The event is proposed to occur at the start of August, the choicest weekend slice of summer.The artwork is entirely produced in a full, 360 degree panoramic canvas.

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Aug 282014

City of Colours Festival, Birmingham - September 6th 2014

I will be back in the midlands  for a massive get together organised by Street Art Birmingham. My contribution will be a large scale piece within the Custard Factory grounds. Well worth a visit to see some action. All the large painting will be finished on Saturday 6th so a lot of work can be seen in production in the days running up to the weekend.

Over the weekend of 6th and 7th of September, Digbeth, Birmingham will be transformed into one of the UK’s largest outdoor art galleries. A celebration of urban art forms, the streets will be turned into a sea of colour…[via]

(C of colour – get it?)


Pikea Rug

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Feb 062014

Transform your room and let everyone know how you feel about mediocre, mass-marketed interior goods. One of my most popular sticker designs is now available to buy as a floor rug.
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Feb 052014

Another painting in one of my old stomping grounds – Sodtherich Triangle (nursery to my ‘Your Mum Rang’ campaign), with next door neighbours Eine, Steve Powers and Probs over the road. A simple daytime freestyle, placing the LPG logo amongst a sunset and overgrowth. I know its not an incredible painting, this is more about the other significances of making the panoramic image.

I tend to create a 360° panorama of everything I do, as they are often quite location specific. People’s experience of this kind of imagery is usually confined to Google’s Street View, but their (automatic) method results in a poor render of the polar regions and bad stitching all round. At least by hand, the full immersion is possible, my digital darkroom allows higher resolutions, crisper detailing, and above all else – interactions.

The 360°

Click the image below to activate the panorama. There are some minor aberrations but you get the idea. I’ll have some more news about my 360° development soon, I’ve been working on something for a few years…

Hotel concept visuals

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Apr 182013

The lamented London Pleasure Gardens asked for a hotel design based on shipping containers. This is the result of 2 days of my most intensive coffee drinking ever.

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Mar 082013

There are big reductions over at my shop, head over there now to avoid disappointment. All originals on canvas are half price. There’s never been a better time to get your hands on a piece. The reductions are permanent, so newer canvases will be half price too – until they are all gone.

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Nov 262012

This came as a bit of a shock. I couldn’t believe that amongst all of the multicoloured noise that surrounds the Sodtherich triangle, my piece would end up in a crucial scene in a film, using its optical trick of seeing two different images or words.

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