Feb 052014
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Another painting in one of my old stomping grounds – Sodtherich Triangle (nursery to my ‘Your Mum Rang’ campaign), with next door neighbours Eine, Steve Powers and Probs over the road. A simple daytime freestyle, placing the LPG logo amongst a sunset and overgrowth. I know its not an incredible painting, this is more about the other significances of making the panoramic image.

I tend to create a 360° panorama of everything I do, as they are often quite location specific. People’s experience of this kind of imagery is usually confined to Google’s Street View, but their (automatic) method results in a poor render of the polar regions and bad stitching all round. At least by hand, the full immersion is possible, my digital darkroom allows higher resolutions, crisper detailing, and above all else – interactions.

The 360°

Click the image below to activate the panorama. There are some minor aberrations but you get the idea. I’ll have some more news about my 360° development soon, I’ve been working on something for a few years…