Mar 182010

Fisheye lenses have always interested me, as do any optical device to be honest with you. From door peepholes, to magnifying glasses. Microscopes to telescopes…

I’ve been pursuing the art of 360 degree photography for around 3 years now, inspired by the now (out of date) Apple’s QuicktimeVR. Even the cube I have currently shown in Birmingham is inspired by this passion for spatial visuals. I’ve got quite a few lying around that I’ve experimented with and occasionaly I’ll post them to this blog in their own native format.

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I was flying through Google Earth the other day and noticed a layer called ‘360 Cities’. Toggling this layer shows you where photographers have positioned their 360 photograph on

So I applied for an account and I can now publish some of my favourite 360s into Google Earth or even embed them into this blog (see below).

More information over at the Google Earth homepages here.

The scene below has a special feature hidden on right-clicking, you can use different methods of lenticular projection such as ‘Little Planet’ and ‘Architectural’

Newburgh Street & Foubert’s Place, central London in London