Aug 272009

I was invited to the public open day of the new Wisemore campus, on the old hall-of-fame site, next door to the leather museum on Littleton Street. The old factory had many graffiti paintings by Shok-1, Seak and Skank inside of it, probably as many human atrocities and needles on the floor as there were on the walls.

I have to say I was impressed with the new build, although much of the rooms were vacant, you could imagine the hive of activity it will soon become. Rumour has it that the old campus on Townend will become a superstore. Can anybody confirm this?

I took the oppurtunity to create some heavy 360 degree photographs, I hope you find them interesting. One of them is the first time I have made one within a corridor, and a bonus 360 photograph of the painting I did with Energ and Meek the same weekend I visited.