Aug 082009

I’ve been asked to put out the word, regarding a rather ambitious show being put on in October. Its basically a collection of memoirs, paraphernalia, ephemera, bits & bobs to do with the emerging hip hop scene in this country. I’m going to be submitting some tasty morsels from my archive, things that I just happened to keep. If you’re like me and a bit of a hoarder, and you’ve got something dying to make somebody else smile and feel educated, dig it out, dust it down and get in touch.

Here’s the initial info from Kid Acne, fellow Invisible Spy:

Not sure if you’ve heard about this or not, but I’ve been asked to help collect material for an exhibition @ Urbis in Manchester titled ‘Home Grown: The Story of UK Hip-Hop’, which opens in October.

The aim is plot a thorough story covering everything from Saxon Sound and Barnsley Bill through to Wild Bunch, Mike Allen, Family Quest, Rebel MC, Ragga Twins, Asher D & Daddy Freddy, Guy Called Gerald, Cookie Crew, Depth Charge, Stereo MCs, She Rockers, Gunshot, Hijack, Standing Ovation, Guttersnypes, Hard Noise, Ice Pick, First Down, Silent Eclipse, Ruthless Rap Assassins, Son of Noise, Katch 22, Demon Boys, London Posse, Blade, Jehst, Roots Manuva, MK, Mr Thing, Skitz, Task Force, Mud Fam, Skinny Man, 4 Hero, Black Twang, BTI, New Flesh, Junior Disprol, Aspects, P Brothers, Killa Instinct, Brotherhood, Caveman, Yess & D Crime, Hoods Underground, Mr 45…

Too many to mention – you get the idea!

There’ll be sub plots covering various off shoots, such as Graffiti, Breaking, Jungle, Grime, Garage, Dubstep etc as arguably a lot of people from B-Boy culture veered off onto to different paths, which intern influenced a ‘British Sound’, but the focus is very much on UK HIP-HOP.

A lot of people are on board and the show is shaping up nicely – but as ever, there are gaps in the ‘story’, especially for the Midlands and I’m sure you know plenty of heads who’ll have tons of stuff kicking about in shoe boxes, attics and cellars…

We’re after big collections and archives of vinyl + any audio, video, documentaries, flyers, fanzines, posters, magazines, concert tickets, fashion items, memorabilia, record shop bags, photos, mix tapes, demos, British car paint, home-made markers, equipment, stories…

Could you please put out the word?

I’ve attached the info from Urbis along with the paper work explaining that anything donated will be insured and looked after with great care. if you’ve seen their previous exhibitions on The Black Panthers, UK Punk and Factory Records – you’ll know that they’re good at what they do and are very professional in their approach.

Before anyone asks, there’s no money in it i’m afraid – this is a labour of love to celebrate the story of UK Hip-Hop!

We really want to do the right thing by this show.

If anyone has anything to contribute or any questions please contact:

They’d like to start getting archives together by the end of next week! Yes really!

You could always photograph / list what you’ve got and email it over in the meantime…

Thanks for your time.
Peace Out

If you are interested further, download the documentation (including the all-important insurance details, for all you worriers) from the link below:
Documents connected with the History of UK Hip Hop exhibition

The actual sound file from one of the sides is available here too: