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For the last few months I have been developing a blog space that shows off my extensive library of imagery. The best thing about it, is that you can cross-reference items with tags (or keywords),...

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Renovated Mural in Google Earth

Renovated Mural in Google Earth

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August 1999

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Alternative Image 1

Size: 7m x 2m

Media: aerosol

Location: Urban Games, Clapham Common

During the first year of Urban Games (1999), Chu painted the first ever aerosol mural in real 3D (anglyphic stereoscopy or red/blue glasses).

He spent the 3 days of the Games to paint a peppermint blue/green base, then during the last few hours transformed the piece with a 'one take' overlay with ornage, causing the 3D effect. There was no turning back.

The artwork prior to making it 3D was also used for the FLY/PUTSCH clothing label catalogue for 1999/2000.