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For the last few months I have been developing a blog space that shows off my extensive library of imagery. The best thing about it, is that you can cross-reference items with tags (or keywords),...

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Renovated Mural in Google Earth

Renovated Mural in Google Earth

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Son of Wild Style

Walsall M.B. Council

August 1996

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Son of Wild Style
Alternative Image 1

Size: 8m x 8m

Media: aerosol

Location: Walsall

Painted in hometown of Walsall as part of an initiative devised by Chu whilst employed by the council to curate local aerosol artists' work.

The piece is a pastiche of 'Jurassic Park' and was going to be called 'Aerosolic Mark' but no-one we know was called Mark... The 'dinosaur' is, in fact lettering. There are two other dinosaurs that are visual jokes of local councillors name. To the right we have one with a 'pen nib' which referred to a councillor name Wright, and in the skies we have the flying microphone which is Mic (Mike) Bird. 2 storeys high, 3 days to paint.