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For the last few months I have been developing a blog space that shows off my extensive library of imagery. The best thing about it, is that you can cross-reference items with tags (or keywords),...

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Renovated Mural in Google Earth

Renovated Mural in Google Earth

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Banksy's screen print series

Banksy / Pictures on Walls

October 2002

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Banksy's screen print series
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Towards the end of 2002 we were consulted for the first set of screen prints by one of the most famous international graffiti artists, Banksy.

The company which represented his artwork at the time, Pictures on Walls (previously PYMCA) were to produce a set of art prints together with Mission Print in Birmingham (a specialist screen printer). Chu was the artroom manager at the time, so he was responsible for ensuring that Banksy's stencils reproduced well enough into art prints.

One of the major concerns was retaining the diffused off-spray that occurs with all stencil work, and is synonymous with the media. Through various experiments and mathematics, we were able to continue this working relationsip for 3 different series of his first prints and also the stickers, clothing and identity for Santas Ghetto, to which Chu's artwork was also contributed in 2003.

A short-list of the artwork produced under our supervision:

Screen Prints

Have a Nice Day
Bomb Middle England
Love is in the Air
HRH Queen Victoria
Bar Code Leopard
Golf Sale
Monkey Queen
Turf War
Pulp Fiction
Laugh Now
Bomb Hugger
Virgin Mary
Happy Choopers
Smiley Copper


Americans Working Overhead
VIP Area (unreleased)
Keep Left


Born Against Christians
Tagger Scum