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Renovated Mural in Google Earth

Renovated Mural in Google Earth

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Born in Walsall


August 2004

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Born in Walsall
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Size: 5m x 34m

Media: aerosol acrylic

Location: Walsall

A few years ago, I was wondering how my friends could wear something that reflected the humour of a place like Walsall, but still retain some kind of fashion about it. At the time, tattoos (or tattoo based artworks) were popular, so I created a design that was supposed to say 'Born in Blocco' (an abbreviation of a village near Walsall, called Bloxwich).

The design was sketched with not much after thought.

Several years later the design was revitalised by painting the message in Walsall's town centre, very close to The New Walsall Art Gallery. The chosen surface was owned by the local council, which housed the local skate park. The wall (measuring some 35 metres and 5 metres high) was painted during a four day session, painting from early morning until dusk.

A local arts event was set up to celebrate local talent, which borrowed from the design massively, even using 'Born in Walsall' as the event's title. I created the flyer and poster designs for the promotional material.

Its been reported many times that people have requested tattoos from photos of the wall. Many visitors to the gallery can not help but see the gigantic mural from the lift (this was the reason i chose that place to paint it). It is now partly covered by hoardings advertising the imminent make-over (take-over) for the area.

The mural has since been demolished. Read more HERE.
(Born in Walsall website)