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For the last few months I have been developing a blog space that shows off my extensive library of imagery. The best thing about it, is that you can cross-reference items with tags (or keywords),...

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Renovated Mural in Google Earth

Renovated Mural in Google Earth

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Buy Chu's first, limited edition print release by
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Solo show in Birmingham

Solo show in Birmingham

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New bodies of work on canvas and paper on display in Digbeth, near Birmingham City Centre on Saint George’s day 2009, Thursday April 24th.

Here’s an extract from the press release:

Aerosol cans become unstable at 51 degrees, pyramids are built at51 degrees, secondary rainbows are only visible at 51 degrees, daisies open up to the sun at 51 degrees, and the northern hemisphere begins above the latitude of degrees*. If the graffiti tradition of adopting a number after your tag (similar to Taki 183, from 183rd Street, NYC) then the artist Chu’s number is definitely FIFTY ONE.

Exploring (literally) new perspectives and embracing computer-aided technologies, Chu’s work has continued to push back the boundaries of graffiti since he first began experimenting with aerosol paint & home computers in the late 1980’s describing his creations as gently reminding us of the everyday conflict between digital and analogue devices.

This new collection charts a journey in the UK from the town of Walsall to the city of Birmingham, along the A34 road, the flagship route for bus number 51. 12 new paintings and simultaneous, limited edition, screen print releases will be shown alongside a warehouse space containing an installation created specifically for this long awaited comeback show.

I’ll be displaying all of the studio work I’ve created over the last 12 months, along with a few new vibes aswell. I’ve been working a lot more with tricks-of-the-eye, illusion and site-specific works, aswell as canvases and designs for print.

Read more about it on the regularly updated blog, complete with RSS feeds, videos and keywords that help refining a search for cross referencing.